The new 50/57 Fund launching January 1, 2014 is designed to create a safe, worry-free investment allocation that enables investors to grow capital in bull markets, hedge their investment in bear markets and generate long-term cumulative returns far exceeding the S&P 500 benchmark over the long-term.

The 50/57 fund strategy since its 2008 inception has generated over five times the cumulative returns of the S&P 500 with half the risk (72.44% vs.14.15%).

The SML Capital 50/57 Fund strategy not only preserved investor equity in 2008, but generated a positive return of 15.29% during the 2008 financial crisis and has continued to successfully compound invested capital through bull, bear and flat markets. The fund strategy inception has over the long-term outperformed the S&P 500 while being hedged to a maximum annual loss of 5%, is 100% liquid, 100% transparent with absolutely no lock-up.

Previously, the 50/57 fund was exclusively used as an proprietary hedging strategy for the long-only SML Capital Activist Fund (2008-2013). But now, after years of proven success, SML Capital Management is launching 50/57 as a stand-alone fund.

You may ask why we named our fund 50/57. The name reflects the fact that since 1950, the average bull market has lasted 57 months and 50/57 is a constant reminder that in this alpha chasing world, filled with ever-looming macro tail risk and unforeseen cyclical bear markets, managing risk is the most efficient path to superior long-term growth.

Now with the current bull market in its 55th month, you might consider an investment in the 50/57 Fund, a proprietary investment strategy generating superior returns through superior risk management.

Team Experience

Combined 30 years of experience in the equities markets, corporate finance, and quantitative systematic trading/risk management.